Kanji アッシュ
Rōmaji Asshu
Vital Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 180 cm
Professional Statistics
Famiglia Arcana Famiglia
Occupation Family Adviser's Assistant
Team Tarocco
Personal Status
Status Active
Family Vir (ancestor)
Arcana The Magician
Stigmata Location Neck
Weapons Alchemy
First Appearance
Game La Storia della Arcana Famiglia Vascello Phantasma no Majutsushi
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Ash (アッシュ, Asshu) is Jolly's assistant, and is one of the main characters in La storia della Arcana Famiglia Vascello Phantasma no Majutsushi.

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The Magician Arcana (魔術師, Majutsu-shi, Il Bagatto) #1 of the Arcana Taroccos. The stigmata is located on his neck.

  • Shapeshifting: Ash uses this ability to take on the form of any living creature he sees or names.

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  • Miracolo di Nascita (Miracle of Birth)

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