La Prima Storia
Chapter 1
Kanji まずストーリー
Romaji Mazu Suto^ri^
English Title The First Story
Volume 1
Episode(s) Episode 1
← N/A Chapter 2

La Prima Storia (まずストーリー, Mazu Suto^ri^, The First Story) is the first chapter of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia manga series.

Mondo, the leader of Arcana Familglia announces that he plans to retire as the head of the organization and that his successor will be the winner of Arcana Duello, a fighting tournament between Arcana Famiglia members. The winner will also marry his daughter, Felicità, who immediately opposes, but is ignored. However, after realizing that she will participate as well, Felicità becomes determined to win for the sake of her freedom.


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