Kanji ルカ
Rōmaji Rūka
Vital Information
Gender Male
Age 29
Height 176 cm
Professional Statistics
Famiglia Arcana Famiglia
Occupation Felicitá's Valet
Personal Status
Status Active
Family Jolly (father)
Unnamed mother
Elmo (brother)
Arcana Temperance
Stigmata Location Tongue
Weapons Alchemy
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Yūichi Nakamura
Image Gallery

Luca (ルカ, Rūka) is the attendant of Felicità, and is one of the main characters in La storia della Arcana Famiglia. Edit


Luca has black hair and violet eyes. His suit, like the rest of Arcana Famiglia, is black with white detailing at the cuffs and black


As Felicita's attendant, Luca is entirely devoted to serving her. He being her attendant since she was a young child, he commits fully and willingly stay by her side. He is shown to be very protective of Felicità and addresses her as "Milady". He is most commonly shown in a comical light, with other members of the Arcana Famiglia teasing and pushing him aside. However, he has also been shown to have a more serious side, particularly when it comes to protecting Felicità. He does not trust Jolly, even though he had taught him alchemy.


Luca has always been Felicita's attendant. Pace, Luca and Debito are childhood friends and grew up together in the same church.

He took lessons from Jolly on how to use alchemy. Luca respects him as a superior, but not as a human.

He, along with Pace & Debito, despises Jolly because he experimented on them to force contracts on Arcana Taroccos.



Temperance Arcana (禁酒, Kinshu, La Temperanza) #14 of the Arcana Taroccos. The stigmata is located on his tongue. While activating it emits green light.

  • Il Bacio dell'Angelo (The Angel's Kiss): Luca uses this ability to allay powers of other users of Arcana Cards. He used it for the first time during Arcana Duello.
  • Pigeon Magic: Luca can conjure pigeons (or doves since the Japanese character for dove and pigeon are the same) from his hat. He uses this tactic to distract Jolly during his duel in the visual novel.


  1. Felicita- Luca was Felicita's guardian when she was young and still is.
  2. Debito- Childhood friends with Debito and Pace.
  3. Pace- Childhood friends with Pace and Debito.
  4. Jolly- Alchemy teacher and father


  • Luca's birthday is 6th December. (Sagittarius)
  • Aside from appearance, he and Gilbert Nightray of Pandora Hearts have many similarities like being knowledgeable in cooking and being overprotective toward their masters.
  • Luca's appearance is similar to Hotarou Oreki from Hyouka series. Interestingly, Luca's seiyuu, Yuichi Nakamura, also voiced Hotarou.
  • Luca's voice actor, Clint Bickham, voices another character who shares the same birthday; Finland from Axis Powers Hetalia.
  • Saint Luca is the patron of scientists and Luca is an alchemist
  • Luca has the least brutal or humiliating repentence: making lemon pie.